Getting Your Client to Spend More


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A lot of what I discuss in my training is the importance of working with your existing and past clients as a source of business growth; too many companies work so hard to only attract new clients, and allow their current and past clients to fall by the wayside. I have always advocated for business […]

Understanding Life Time Value of Your Clients & Finding Ways to Increase It


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As I mention in my resource The Business Growth System, one of the best ways to grow your business, and ensure continued growth of your business is by understanding, and working to increase the Life Time Value (LTV) of your customer. I’ll let you in on a little secret on something I’ve noticed about how […]

How Much Advertising are You Doing to Current and Past Clients?


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I know that there are a lot of businesspeople who would answer the question of this post’s title, “How much advertising are you doing to your current and past clients?”, with something like, “Why would I advertise to people I’ve already advertised for?” or “I spend all my advertising on my prospective clients only.” Here […]

How Canterbury Services Went From $30 Million Per Year To $115 Million Per Year

businessNET_financial independence

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Within 4 ½ years of working with BusinessNET, Canterbury Services grew from $30 million per year to $115 per year Canterbury Services is a property development and marketing company based in Australia. Before they met us in 2005, the only marketing they ever did was advertisements in the local newspaper. Despite their limited marketing efforts […]

Famore Group Generates 300 Enquiries In 30 Days, Keeps Installers Throughout Queensland Fully Booked

BusinessNET_Sales solar panels

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We helped Famore Group generate 300 leads in 30 days, helping their installers stay fully booked. With wages, bills and other overheads to pay every month – new enquiries, customers and sales are crucial to the success of any business. Many businesses, however, struggle with generating enough new business to keep the lights on – […]

How Financial Advisers Australia Turned A $500K Loss Into $10 Million In Sales In Less Than 12 Months


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After wasting $500,000 on a marketing campaign with another company, we helped Financial Advisers Australia turn things around and generate $10 million in sales in under 12 months Have you ever spent money on marketing – only for it to go down the drain, with no sales or profits to show as a result? Well, […]

How Zero To Infinity Increased Their Sales By Over $300 Million In 7 Years

BusinessNET_sales growth

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Zero To Infinity Increased Their Turnover By More Than $300 Million In 7 Years Thanks To BusinessNET’s proven marketing strategies. Zero To Infinity is a one-stop shop in the financial planning and real estate industry – helping its clients build wealth and plan for a better retirement. Before they met us, they had engaged several […]

OurCFO Goes Close To Shutting Its Doors Forever Then Suddenly Generates More Business In 4 Weeks Than Ever Before

BusinessNET CFO Boardroom

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Greg Smargiassi is the owner of a disruptive financial services firm, OurCFO. The company provides small and medium-sized businesses with a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a third of less of the cost of traditional options – allowing businesses to gain access to the expert guidance they need to fix cash-flow issues and increase profitability. […]

Nieuvision Finance Increases Their Gross Profit By $700K In 12 Months, Sets Sights On $30 Million In Turnover

BusinessNET_Financial Sales1

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Nieuvision Finance is an integrated finance company, providing its clients with accounting, tax, financial planning, real estate investment and mortgage services. For the first 8 years of the business, they had mainly relied on word-of-mouth, marketing to their existing database and the occasional investment in newspaper advertising, Yellow Pages advertising and TV advertising. However, with […]

5 Steps to Grow Your Business into a Multi-Million Dollar Company


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Aside from my work on Facebook and online marketing, I am frequently asked by companies, whether that be those I have invested in myself or those that have simply reached a plateau, to advise them on how to catapult their growth. Whilst it may be hard to believe, successfully kick-starting your company’s growth really doesn’t […]


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