Throwing Good Money After Bad


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One of my favourite sayings is something accountants like to use… “throwing good money after bad” – and when I preface it this way, most business owners are just about ready to run for the hills. But if you just hear me out… Throwing good money after bad means continuing down the wrong path just […]

How To Build Solid Referral Systems

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If you’re like most business owners, you RELY on referrals. You trust that if you do a good job, your clients will send their friends and family your way. Let me ask you this. If referrals are such an important part of your business, do you have a structured referral system in place that makes […]

Three Ways To Set Up Highly Profitable Joint Ventures

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If you’re like most business owners, you probably view your own products / services as the main way to bring in revenue. But there are many other ways to increase your bottom line – and some of them won’t cost you a penny! My favourite strategy is setting up strategic alliances and joint ventures. Let […]

How To Evaluate Your Ad Spend

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Let me ask you a question. Do you do any type of advertising at the moment? If you’re turning over more than $100,000, then more than likely you are. Now let me ask you a second question. How effective is it working for you right now? Do you know how much it’s costing you to […]

How To Make Your Offer A No-Brainer

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If you’re really good at what you do, you probably offer extremely high value for your clients. But you may be leaving money on the table – if your client doesn’t realise just how good you are. Your prospects must see value in what you do. Harry Beckwith calls it “Selling The Invisible” – making […]

How To Make Sales With Other People’s Stuff

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Are you in a situation where the line of services or products you offer is limited? Perhaps you run a property investment company. You help people invest in property and you receive a share of the profits for every sale. You don’t dictate the price of the property, and there’s not a whole heap of […]

Three Steps To Profitable Joint Ventures

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You’ve probably heard the term “joint ventures” but for some reason, haven’t really utilised this strategy in your business – or at least, not to the extent that you could… Joint ventures, when set up correctly, can help you multiply your profits for very little (and often, zero) upfront cost! Here are the three steps […]

What Would A Stock Broker Say About Your Small Business?

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If you are the founder of your business, it can be hard to evaluate it objectively. And even if you bought the business – while you may have initially evaluated it as an investment, now that you’re running the show, you might be too close to it to really see what’s going on in terms […]

Maximising Your Business Return

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One of the most important business lessons I’ve ever learnt was something my mentor, Jay Abraham taught me: “Maximise before you multiply”. It really stuck with me throughout my career because if you try to scale and “multiply” immediately, without first getting the most amount of return you can on all your investments, you’re leaving […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Lessons You Can Learn from the Beats Apple Deal


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