How Canterbury Services Went From $30 Million Per Year To $115 Million Per Year

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Within 4 ½ years of working with BusinessNET, Canterbury Services grew from $30 million per year to $115 per year.

Canterbury Services is a property development and marketing company based in Australia.

Before they met us in 2005, the only marketing they ever did was advertisements in the local newspaper.

Despite their limited marketing efforts however, they found themselves turning over $30 million a year thanks to repeat business and word-of-mouth from their outstanding service.

Around this time, businesses were starting to setup their own websites in order to establish a presence on the Internet and reach new customers.

Canterbury Services were resistant, however.

They knew setting up a website was expensive and wouldn’t guarantee any new customers all by itself.

And plus, they were already sitting on a ‘comfortable’ $30 million a year.

Fortunately, they met with us and we showed them our proven strategies for using the Internet to not just establish a ‘pretty website’, but actually generate new customers and sales.

Within 12 months of implementing our strategies, their revenue grew 210%.

And in 4 ½ years they were turning over $115 million a year thanks to our marketing strategies.

They have now been with us for over 12 years and have continued to grow even further.

They still have no marketing department or even a marketing employee within their business.

Instead, they trust BusinessNET entirely with their marketing and lead generation.

If you are interested in growing your business with our proven marketing strategies, contact us today to organise a Free Consultation.