Nieuvision Finance Increases Their Gross Profit By $700K In 12 Months, Sets Sights On $30 Million In Turnover

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Nieuvision Finance is an integrated finance company, providing its clients with accounting, tax, financial planning, real estate investment and mortgage services.

For the first 8 years of the business, they had mainly relied on word-of-mouth, marketing to their existing database and the occasional investment in newspaper advertising, Yellow Pages advertising and TV advertising.

However, with desires to grow into a nationally recognised brand with locations around Australia, owner Rick Nieuwenhoven knew he needed to find another way to grow the business.

He was running out of names to market to on their existing database and traditional advertising methods he was using were not giving a return on investment.

In 2013, Rick met with us and we showed him the results we were getting for companies with our proven online marketing strategies.

Despite having done no online marketing before, Rick knew this was the best shot he had at reaching his ambitious expansion goals for Nieuvision Finance – and went ahead.

To Rick’s surprise and delight, we helped him at over $700,000 in gross profit in the first 12 months of working together.

Since then, we’ve helped him grow Nieuvision Finance ten-fold, with Rick able to track and measure the ROI of every dollar spent on online marketing – something that had been impossible with the newspaper, Yellow Pages and TV advertising he had done.

Armed with a consistent and proven way of growing his business through his partnership with BusinessNET, Rick now has his sights set on reaching $30 million in turnover, with franchised locations around Australia.

If you too would like to generate more qualified leads, customers and sales for your business with our proven marketing strategies, contact us today to organise a Free Consultation.