OurCFO Goes Close To Shutting Its Doors Forever Then Suddenly Generates More Business In 4 Weeks Than Ever Before

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Greg Smargiassi is the owner of a disruptive financial services firm, OurCFO.

The company provides small and medium-sized businesses with a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a third of less of the cost of traditional options – allowing businesses to gain access to the expert guidance they need to fix cash-flow issues and increase profitability.

Despite having an outstanding service, OurCFO had struggled for years to generate new business, eventually getting to the point where owner, Greg Smargiassi, was thinking about closing the doors to the business.

Here’s how BusinessNET helped turn things around for OurCFO and filled their pipeline with more qualified leads than ever before.

For the past 16 years, Greg Smargiassi and his team at OurCFO had been helping other businesses grow.

However, when it came to growing his own business, Greg struggled.

The company relied purely on word-of-mouth within his immediate circle of influence – greatly limiting growth and creating cycles of feast-and-famine.

Greg had worked with many marketers in the past in an effort to grow the business and create a consistent pipeline of qualified leads.

But in each case, they were unable to deliver the results his company so desperately needed.

Feeling frustrated, burned and hopeless, it eventually got to the point where Greg was seriously considering closing the doors to OurCFO.

It was at this point that Greg came across BusinessNET through a friend’s recommendation.

After seeing BusinessNET’s phenomenal track record, Greg decided to give things one last try.

And that’s when things turned around.

After working with BusinessNET, Greg was quickly able to fill his pipeline with quality leads.

“I have in the past burnt serious cash on so called ‘marketers’ who made so many promises and ultimately delivered nothing – to the point I had almost given up that anyone could help us grow.”

“But BusinessNET has done what no marketer has been able to do for OurCFO ever before. Our 20th lead came in today (in less than a 4 week period).

“Never before have we had that many leads in our pipeline in a four week period (or any other period for that matter!) and never before has any marketer been able to create leads for a business (OurCFO) that is essentially unknown or unheard of outside of its immediate circle of influence.

With a full pipeline and knowledge that he can generate new business on demand, Greg now has the luxury of being more selective about the clients he works with and has greater confidence in the future of OurCFO.

“This is a game changer for us. It is said that marketing is the lifeblood of business, and having at times almost completely bled out, our future is brighter than ever.

“We see ourselves as disruptors in the accounting profession, and this also allows us to show the profession a better way. We get to make real impact – genuinely educating and empowering businesses to see and create their future with the power of numbers.

“The whole team at OurCFO are super excited and can see career paths in a business that is going to make a difference in the SME world and to the lives of those affected by SMEs.

“Thank you BusinessNET!”

If you too would like to generate more qualified leads, customers and sales for your business with our proven marketing strategies, contact us today to organise a Free Consultation.