Your Offer

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What most business owners get wrong is when they create their offer, they think about it from their own perspective.

They think about what they want to sell, what their cool solution is…

But if you want to make sales day in and day out, consistently, you’ve got to go about it the other way around.

You have to consider the solution from your client’s perspective.

Your offer has to be incredibly valuable and beneficial to the client.

It’s important that your offer isn’t about you selling them something, but you helping them.

Here’s an example:

I’m about to make an offer for you to buy you 30 minutes worth of my team’s time.

This is something we regularly sell for $1,200.

And you’re going to be able to get it for free.

In those 30 minutes, you’re going to have a strategy building session where you can get a 1 on 1 tailored plan specific to your business.

And at the end of that call, if you want to do business with us – fantastic!

And if not, that’s cool too.

Because the most important thing is that we provide value; that you leave that session with a plan you can implement feeling confident and good about yourself.

Can you see how that is more about helping you, than trying to make a sale?

If you can position an offer like that for your leads, you’re going to be 100x more successful than your competition.

For our Coaching client, out of the 140 people that requested a certain special report, we had 28 people who requested a strategy session.

Basically, we generated 28 leads for a grand total of $450.

Each lead cost us about $16.

These leads knew who the coaching company was, trusted them, found them credible and desired what they had.

They did $8,000 worth of sales from that campaign. They turned $450 into $8,000 within a week!

And the best thing?

They can do that week after week. They can scale it up and generate 100 leads a week if they can handle it.

There is room to grow and build the business.

So how would you like to generate leads and clients on demand like that?

If you’d like help with implementing this strategy and discover how to create offers that are designed to sell, give us a call at 1300 680 223. We can help.