The 3A System

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There are 3 basic ways you can present yourself to your prospect, which reflects emotional needs on his part.

These aren’t mutually exclusive.

Read them carefully and choose the best approach that suits you and your situation – and helps your client the most.

  1. Ally – Someone who helps him reinforces his belief and attacks his enemies.
    1. Like a good friend that supports you through thick and thin… Be the friend your client can always count on.
  2. Advocate – Someone who justifies his failures and encourages his dreams.
    1. Like a grandparent or kind neighbour you had when you were a child – he championed you and encouraged to follow your heart. Be that figure for your client.
  3. Authority – someone who confirms his suspicions and puts his fears to rest.
    1. Like a doctor you finally visit after some self-analysis and self doubt… be the expert your client comes to because he trusts your insight and experience.

My hope is that after reading this, you’ll carefully consider which A is right for you most of the time and which one you’ll be using some of the time.

Make sure you never manipulate the situation.

Simply be conscious of how to have maximum impact while keeping your client’s best interest in mind.

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