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Clients are actively looking for help from IP companies

Think about how massive the financial services industry is — over a $250 billion marketing cap in Australia alone.
People want to get rich. They want wealth.
So they should want your services . . . right?
Here's the problem:

The #1 Mistake That You're (Probably) Making

Your outreach.
There's a 99% probability that you've tried one of these client acquisition methods:

The hard truth is that all of these suck.

Everyday that you waste doing one of these methods results in lost money, time, and potential business.

You'll actually start to move further away from the clients that you want.
The reason?

You're going towards potential clients instead of letting them come to you.

People like ideas that they came up with (or think they did).
In telemarketing, for example, you'll notice that people have a certain "screw you tone" when speaking.
Even if they decide to move forward with you after the call, you'll notice that the "screw you tone" stays.
But it makes sense! You're scraping their personal number, taking up their time, and trying to take their money . . . and it was all your idea.

Here's How To Make Your Sales Process 100x Easier

First, stop doing any of the outreach methods that I mentioned above. Right now.
They're pushing you away from your entrepreneurial goals.
Second, let your clients come to you.
There's tons of different ways to do this

The best that I've found?

A High Quality Sales Funnel

From the ad to the landing page to the nurture campaigns
When customers see your ad and give their information, IT IS THEIR IDEA.
You automatically get positioned as an expert and become a desired resource in their eyes.
Closing clients becomes 100x easier.

That Being Said, Creating A High Converting Sales Funnel Is Hard Work.

You need to optimize your budget
Target the right people.
Create the right kind of images.
Effectively convey your offer with the right words.
And do a headache-inducing amount of testing.

Here's Where I Come In . . .

You can do it yourself. It'll take extremely hard work (and a chunk of change to spend on testing), but the results will come.
Or you can take the path of least resistance.
Take the proven methods that my team and I have spent over a decade and millions of dollars developing.
Implement them into your business now and watch your results skyrocket.
Here's how . . .

My Extremely Limited Offer :

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A bit selfishly, I'm looking to find our next winning client. Someone like Cantebury Property who we took from 30 million / year to a consistent 180 million / year.
Or Zero To Infinity who we skyrocketed to 300 million in sales
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The list could go on . . .

You'll Receive FREE 1-on-1 Access To An Industry-Leading Sales Funnel Expert + Our 9 Figure Property Sales System

You'll also get:

Above All Else, You're Getting Access To Someone Who's Endured Your Struggles And Emerged Victorious.

I've workshopped this system with property developers & marketers exactly like you.
How do I know they're like you?
Because you've read this far into the page (check out some of our client success stories below . . . let me know if they resonate with you)
If you're looking for the metaphorical "key" to your business's success, then I have it. And I'm offering to give it away for FREE.

By joining this call, you make your first dent in the 6, 7, or even 8 figure barrier.

This Is Your Golden Ticket To Success.


There's no commitment after. I'm just looking to give away a ton of value in hopes of finding our next golden client.

This is a crossroads moment for your business. There are 3 paths after.

Path #1
You can pretend like you never read this, forget about the offer, and stay cemented within the same cycle — blending in with your competitors, struggling to reach high quality prospects, and remaining stuck behind the 6 or 7 figure walls.
Path #2
You try to do everything on your own. It's not impossible, but in the face of a FREE offer to have industry leading professionals literally walk you through everything, it's certainly the path of most resistance.
Path #3
You take me up on this offer and transform your business. You get direct access to seasoned industry veterans and a FREE personalised plan to SKYROCKET your growth. We'll show you exactly how leaders in your field are breaking the 6,7, and even 8 figure barriers. Just to recap, here's what you get with path #3 . .

I can't make the choice for you.
What I can do is say this:
Choose that path that leads to your business's success
Choose the path that leads to less time spent and stress induced on your part
Choose the path that doesn't lead to regret

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