Is Your Company Worthy of Trust From Your Clients?

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Most of us are wary of the “used car salesman” – and yet, that’s how we often come across to new would-be customers.

Did you know that you almost always scare away perfectly good clients when you’re too focused on your own agenda?

You’ve been on the receiving end… you know what a difference it is when you go into a store where the attendant takes care of you, spends time with you to find out exactly what you want – vs the big box stores where employees are visibly bored, chew gum and can’t wait for you to just pay and leave so they can play on their phones.

You would never go back to such a place, would you?

But how about your own company?

What is the experience your customers have when they walk in through your doors?

If I asked you which end of the spectrum your staff fall on, what would your answer be?

Are you certain that they are careful, attentive and have the clients’ best interest at heart before suggesting a solution, let alone start ringing them up at the register?

If this is not an area you payed attention to in the past, I recommend you train your staff to make sure they adhere to specific standards that you and your organisation stand for.


Because there’s nothing more said (and detrimental to your bottom line) then a long-time customer leaves your establishment thinking “it’s not as good as it used to be”.

You need to make sure that the level of service is consistent and it revolves around your customers’ needs, wants and desires.

When you put priority on helping them before making an offer, you’ll build trust and loyalty.

But it philosophy is a million times more powerful if it’s implemented by every single staff member, all of the time.

My hope is that you make it your goal from this day forward to set your standards high and provide the training necessary for your staff so they can implement it.

Help them help you make your company stand out.

If you would like help around putting this strategy into practice, give us a call at 1300 680 223. We can help.