Open Letter To The Business Owner Who Does Everything

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Our culture seems to reward being “busy” and “working hard”. It seems that some of us even take pleasure in announcing how stressed we are, how “crazy” our schedule is and just how “insane” is our daily routine. Wait… is it healthy to even consider putting “insane” and “routine” in the same sentence? If that’s […]

How to Get from 6 to 7 Figures in 12 Months or Less

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Are you experiencing moderate success that “should” make you happy – and you’re not sure how to move your business forward? If you’re like most businesses that successfully made it past the six figure mark, you’re probably doing a lot of things right. After all, your methods helped you get to where you are now. […]

5 Lessons You Can Learn From The Beats Apple Deal

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It was announced on 28 May 2014 that Apple would acquire Beats Electronics for $3 billion in Cash and Equity. Founded just 8 years ago by Jimmy Iovine, Dr Dre and making it the largest Apple acquisition to date.  The deal is said to make Dr Dre the first billionaire rapper, so how can […]

Joint Ventures Made Easy

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Are you in a situation where the line of services or products you offer is limited? Perhaps you run a property investment company. You help people invest in property and make a nice commission for every sale. The problem is, you don’t dictate the price of the property, and there’s not a whole heap of […]

How to Get Better Quality Leads from Facebook Ads

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So you’re interested in getting more leads, better leads and you heard Facebook is a good platform to advertise on because over 1 Billion people are using it. Naturally, those in your ideal target market are bound to be part of the Facebook group, right? Well, for most industries, the answer is yes. (Notice I […]

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