The story of Haagen-Dazs and Mr. Green Tea

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Do you know that feeling when you hear about someone highly successful and then you find out that they went to the same high school as you? Or that they’re from the same neighbourhood… When such things happen, we often feel like we have to draw parallels between the life of that person and our […]

How much profit can you generate from 7,961 Facebook fans?

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If you’re using Facebook to make money but all you do is hang out chatting with people, you’re wasting your time. Building relationships has its place but you need to make sure you are generating real tangible results from your efforts. Let me share a case study with you. And although the results are impressive, […]

How to get the best ROI from your social media

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You “should” be on Facebook. And Twitter. And Linkedin. And Google+. And Medium. And and and… It seems there’s a new social network coming out every minute and sometimes it can be confusing where to invest your time and energy. By the time you figure out how to set up an account, post some content […]

Why Content Marketing Will Make Or Break Your Business

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Have you noticed the decline in how effective your ads or telemarketing are lately? You put out the same marketing and what used to work doesn’t perform so well anymore. Why? Has human psychology changed? Is there a new competitor in town? Are your products too expensive? While any of the above is plausible to a […]

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