Why Content Marketing Will Make Or Break Your Business

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Have you noticed the decline in how effective your ads or telemarketing are lately?

You put out the same marketing and what used to work doesn’t perform so well anymore.


Has human psychology changed? Is there a new competitor in town? Are your products too expensive? While any of the above is plausible to a certain extent, there’s a much simpler reason why you’re having this problem. If you’ve been marketing and advertising the same way you always have, chances are your ads didn’t change with the times.
Frankly, these ads are probably not taking into consideration how today, truly the customer is in control.
You see, these days consumers have gotten used to receiving samples for free, entertainment for free, 30-day trials for free, and so on. To the extent, that it became an unspoken expectation. It’s just there.

If you want to turn things around and have customers come to you by the droves, you’ll need to play the game of giving first.
This may be in form of giving away free product samples but there’s lots of room to be creative and generate goodwill otherwise.  It’s really about giving your prospects an experience that will entice them to open their wallets to you.For example, you can give away education in an entertaining manner that addresses the core problems your customers are facing. Help them solve those problems. Educate them.
And in the process, include your products and services.
Or, make the products and services be a natural extension of the free guidance you’re giving away.
For example, if your business sells laundry detergents, you might do a short video series (2-5 minutes each) on how to get rid of difficult stains.
These might include home remedies or simple fixes most people would be happy to discover. It’s NOT a commercial like the ones you see on TV.
Your goal should be to have your prospects get to know, like and trust you through the content you provide – and in the process, you become their go-to person.
Let’s consider another example on how to give away free content that helps your customers and ultimately, helps you as well.
Let’s imagine you have a dental practice. You might write a free report, a white paper, use social media, do interviews on online radio shows or write articles about how to prevent cavities, whiten your teeth naturally, get rid of a tooth ache and so on. It’s simple, really. Just consider what your customers want, need, fear and what they’re frustrated by.

When you can address their concern through the content you’re putting out, you’re suddenly seen as a trusted advisor, rather than a sales man trying to get them buy something.
Or look at this blog as an example. I’m giving away free information on how to grow your business.
The strategies outlined here are designed to help you think in a new direction and implement to reap extra profits within a short period of time.  If you applied all of the strategies I share through my blog articles and my reports, you would be able to double or even triple your business without even speaking to me.  That is when you know the content you are providing is good enough – you can give your clients and customers an experience in advance!
Now if a reader here feels that they need further help with putting these strategies into action, they’re welcome to contact me.
And while we set up an appointment, they have the ability to peruse these articles to get a sense of who we are, how we work – and develop that know, like and trust factor in the process.
Simple, right?

In fact, one of the champions of this “give first” philosophy is Gary Vaynerchuk – the son of a liquor store owner from New Jersey.
Gary created several eight figure businesses and became a three times NY Times bestselling author in the process.
And he’s done it through giving away content for free.
At first, it was a daily video show about what wine goes well with certain foods and how various wines taste, explained in laymen’s terms.

The show became so popular that he took that small liquor store to a 60 million dollar / year business because the people tuning in couldn’t help but order from them… even though he was there to entertain and educate, not to sell.
Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook shows this philosophy in action and through dozens of examples from various companies on how they’re using content marketing to grow.
(By the way, Gary explained the title Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook as Give, Give, Give, Ask. Makes sense, right?)
And the good news is, you can do the same.

You can start right now. Today.
Start giving away valuable tips and advice and you’ll generate more goodwill than you ever thought possible.
In the process, you’ll build up a body of work that will position you as a go-to person (an expert really) in your industry.

And once you have that kind of positioning, your perspective will shift, offering more opportunities to grow your business than you ever thought possible.
And in the meantime, while you’re building it, you can count on more customer enquiries, more leads, more sales, and more profits.
Give to others first. That’s what pays the most in the long run.

If this sounds like a strategy you want to try, I encourage you to write your first piece today. And keep an eye on this blog because we’ll be providing more resources on how to put your plan into action.

If you want us to help you with your strategy, be sure to email Ingrid to arrange a strategy session with one of our senior consultants. Her email address is [email protected]