How To Build Desire In Your Prospects

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“Don’t run after clients – let them come to you.”

You may have heard this phrase because nowadays, it’s very popular with marketing experts advocating “pull marketing” instead of “push marketing”.

But just how exactly do we “pull” them in?

The answer is simple: your prospects must desire what you have to offer.

The next logical question then is, how do we make sure they have that desire?

To know how to build desirability we must first understand how your prospect measures value.

What do we need to say to get him from where he is to click the button at the end of the page?

Your prospect is asking: Am I to gain more than I invest?

Your prospect must be confident you are offering something of value.

And what you are asking for is worth the price.

Desirability breaks down to a simple equation:

The Desirability Equation: Perceived value= perceived gain- twice perceived loss

Remember: people fear loss more than they will gain.

What is value?

Value is subjected, not objective. We all value different things. It is important that we know how it appears to your prospect.

Most marketers misunderstand how their prospects perceive value. We tend to measure it in money or information.

So when we offer something to our prospect, we try to give him something worth as much money as we can or with as much information as we can in exchange for as little in return as possible.


The Value Pyramid

Value Pyramid _ Money Effort Emotion copy

Your prospect cares most about emotion. His lizard brain runs the show.

Emotion is greater than effort and money.

What does this all mean for your landing page?

What the item you offer as a free giveaway can have hidden costs…

For example, white letters are a poor offer because your prospect has to put effort to read them. Instead, you can give out a mini course as a giveaway.

You must know what is driving your prospect emotionally to build maximum desirability and demonstrate that he will get this emotional reward.

The more effort you are asking him to put in, the more you must demonstrate the reward.

What this means for you:

Action Points

  • Consider what you’re offering your prospect. What kind of rewards is he getting?
  • Consider the upfront costs your prospect must pay to get the rewards you’re offering. How are they weighed compared to the rewards themselves?
  • Consider what hidden costs your prospect must pay to get the rewards you’re offering. What must he do besides the obvious?
  • What emotional benefits does your prospect really want? How can you improve your offer based on this?

If you’d like some guidance on how to re-engineer your business so it’s designed to build desire in your prospects, give us a call at 1300 680 223 today.