Facebook Live Advances as a Video Streaming Platform With 3 Major Updates

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Facebook plans to become even more ubiquitous with their announcement at VidCon of three new Facebook Live updates. Each product will be phased in in parts, making it easy to broadcast a constant stream of your live activities to friends.

The platform enhancements will offer cinéma vérité capabilities on the caliber of “The Truman Show.” Users will be able to create two-person remote broadcasts, a pre-schedule for live streams, gather their audience in a virtual waiting room and broadcast with MSQRD’s face masks.


The Buddy Broadcast

The first product phase-in will be the ability to remotely interview two people in different locations using a streaming broadcast.

Users will be able to broadcast live with a friend and invite others to “drop in” on the session and join the conversation. The live streaming with a buddy feature lets broadcasters include remote interviews and duets into their content.

Mark Zuckerberg alluded to this feature at his Live Q&A session, mentioning that it would be cool if he could converse with guests remotely in his Live videos.

This feature will greatly expand the creative possibilities offered by the current platform, and it’s expected to go live later this summer. Two-person broadcasting will be offered first to owners of Verified Pages, and later to other users.


Waiting rooms and pre-scheduled broadcasts

The second phase-in will be virtual waiting rooms for users to hang out and wait for a broadcast to begin. In the past, broadcasters didn’t want to begin broadcasting until a lot of people tuned in, taking a chance that viewers would get bored and leave before the program started.

Gathering an audience and keeping people in place before the show starts was challenge on the caliber of herding cats. This issue was especially vexing to Facebook Live broadcasters – and a major shortcoming for content creators on the Live platform.

This enhancement means Facebook Live broadcasters can engage users before the show starts, and keep them around so broadcasters have a full audience when they go live.


Go live with a funny face on

Facebook is hoping their MSQRD video filter app will encourage content creators to create more fun, silly broadcasts. MSQRD is similar to Snapchat lenses, the product the company acquired in March. Users of the MSQRD app will be able to go live on Facebook directly from the app.

Once this third phase-in launches, users will be able to broadcast live footage to their friends, while trying on different masks and effects from within MSQRD.

Facebook is well aware the social media platform has lost some of its edge with younger visitors, and it’s ready for a refurb. The Facebook Live enhancements make it easy for broadcasters to create fresh, unrehearsed content that keeps people watching.