How much profit can you generate from 7,961 Facebook fans?

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If you’re using Facebook to make money but all you do is hang out chatting with people, you’re wasting your time.

Building relationships has its place but you need to make sure you are generating real tangible results from your efforts.

Let me share a case study with you.

And although the results are impressive, I’m not sharing it to brag but to show you what is possible.

You see, we’ve generated $343,484.00 in profit for a recent client.

They had only 7,961 fans on their Facebook page, and yet we were able to generate over $330,000 in profit.

And how long did it take to get this result?

We’ve achieved it in less than 5 months.

What most people don’t realise is that the number of fans you have is no reflection on how many sales you can generate using Facebook marketing.

I was having this discussion today with a team member of ours, Esther.

We spoke about someone we know that has over a million fans – but isn’t generating ANY sales!

How can that be?

It comes down to 2 things:

  1. ┬áHaving the RIGHT people as fans (not just ‘randoms’)
  2. Having engagement (when people click/like/comment/share on your posts)

Here is how this works – an easy to follow anecdote:

Imagine you had a shop – which would you rather have:

  • A shop filled with 1,000 randoms most of which have no money… or…
  • A shop with 25 people, all who are happy to spend $2,000 with you each?

That is what it is like to have the RIGHT fans…

What does engagement look like?

That’s all down to your content. Is it more effective to put cat photos up on your Facebook page, or to put info that will actually help your clients?

So even if you had 100 fans, if you had the right ones who are happy to pay you $2,000 each, well that is $200,000 in sales!

If you aren’t generating AT LEAST 6 figures from Facebook marketing for your business right now, you need to.

Don’t be one of those people that jumps on the bandwagon too late and miss out on the insane profits people are making right now.

We do this for our clients and we do this for ourselves.

Best of all, we can do it all for you if you like. Call 1300 680 223 to find out more.