How To Make Your Offer A No-Brainer

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If you’re really good at what you do, you probably offer extremely high value for your clients.

But you may be leaving money on the table – if your client doesn’t realise just how good you are.

Your prospects must see value in what you do.

Harry Beckwith calls it “Selling The Invisible” – making the intangible so desirable, and yourself so trusted by the prospect that taking you up on your offer is a no-brainer.

For example, if you’re asking them to pay $50,000 for something worth $1,000, they won’t see it as a valuable investment.

You need to position it correctly.

It’s a careful balance between something that sounds too good to be true and something that’s not remarkable.

Before you put together any packages or offers, think about this: what would my client have to feel and believe in order to make this purchase a complete no-brainer?

Perhaps you add in some bonuses or lifetime free upgrades.

Perhaps you include support from your staff for the next year, showing them how to use the product.

Perhaps you gift them a bundle to try other services from complementary, non-competitive businesses. Things they would be getting anyway and now they can take advantage of the free trial when they buy your product.

This last one is something you’d set up through joint ventures – it won’t cost you a penny and it’ll make you stand out in your marketplace.

Slashing prices is not the solution because we all know that “you get what you pay for”.

And that means, your offer won’t even be considered by the higher end of the market.

With that said, raising prices alone won’t do the trick.

You truly have to offer such tremendous value that if the prospect was not able to take you up on it (perhaps they have cash flow issues or a legitimate reason why they can’t) – there should be a sense of loss when they realise they can’t make the purchase.

This will elevate your position – and even make them want to come back later on to buy.

In the meantime, your well positioned, valuable package will be scooped up by those that are ready to buy – if they understand just how good a deal you’re offering.

If you’d like help with reviewing your offerings and creating a strategy that’s designed to make your offer a no-brainer, give us a call at 1300 680 223 . We can help.