One of the most important skills that has made me millions of dollars in business

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When talking to self-made millionaires, people always tend to ask the same questions. Who helped you? What was your motivation? And of course, how?

How did someone like you generate such rapid success?

I owe much to copywriting.

People commonly look puzzled or some nod their head in agreement but rarely understand what is meant by ‘copywriting.’ Copywriting is “Salesmanship in Print”, what you can achieve by selling one-on-one, copywriting allows you to reach thousands or millions of people through writing letters, or advertisements. As a salesman, I want to be a sales master. Step one is getting them to actually want to engage with you. If someone doesn’t want to be in a conversation do you expect it to go in any positive direction and that goes for online messaging such as emails or adverts.

So once we have established you aren’t spamming them, but generously offering value to the person works to engage reader interest. And that value is exchanged through the gifting of links and additional resources. Some articles that are applicable or some sound advice for their industry, when I say that, only give them a taste. After all this is a teaser of a main meal.

As a more extreme example to generate more urgency you could offer to purchase them a book, or have lunch to ignite that client relation with them.

It goes without saying the nature of copy and the type of communications we are discussing, we are targeting to engage reader interest with the intention of leading to a product or service purchase.

There are certain principals to follow when writing great copy. Some of the ones I follow religiously are:

1. Understanding your Target Market
2. Finding a “Starving Crowd”
3. Creating an Irresistible Offer for your Target Market

Understanding your Target Market
First things first, take 2 minutes to write down your ideal target market. Think of their age, gender, hobbies, living situation, income, marital status, career and education to start off. This exercise is extremely helpful. Because if you can’t go off the bat and just continually write for those 2 minutes, stop, research and start again.

Simply ask this demographic once you have honed in on them. How will you ever know what a woman 30 – 40 wants for her car that she can’t already buy? Or a man 20 – 30 needs for his off road bike? You don’t. You will, after you simply ask them. Truth be told, to really understand your target market will take meticulous research and hours of effort. You need to understand that person better than they understand themselves, and know them better than you know your spouse or best friend. If you don’t know them well enough you won’t know what type of offer will appeal to them, or how to talk to them.

Finding a “Starving Crowd”
Who is your starving crowd? A starving crowd is many people in need or desiring something, whether that be a product or service.

Once you have made your target market for a product or service, look at what they are all lacking even if they did not know they were so to speak. Dean Jackson shares a story on the I Love Marketing podcast of himself and a business partner selling hotdogs and bottles of water. Only ever outside of different and popular nightclubs on Friday and Saturday nights. Between the hours of 11pm and 3am because everyone there was literally a “starving crowd”. This example shows you how a clever little trick can be the beginning of a brilliant journey. It’s a funny but succinct lesson on the importance of thinking about your target market and what they want.

Creating an Irresistible Offer your Target Market
How to create an offer that they can’t refuse. How can someone refuse a good offer? Other than it being too good to be true… when creating an offer bear in mind how it is projected to your target market. When constructing your offer to entice readers, ensure it is eye catching, the words resonate with this starving crowd and this is something they already desire, your offer is the push they need to buy into it.

Last of all, don’t mistake copywriting for forcing someone into doing something, it is actually about creating a relationship through a screen to your potential consumers. Connecting with them and fulfilling their needs as a buyer. Just like the greatest copywriter in the world said, ‘the most important thing is a hungry market, not a brilliant burger.’ The late, and in my opinion incredible, Gary Halbert.

Here is a link to my interview with his son, Bond Halbert

…Whom I was fortunate enough to not only meet, but talk with and have some burning questions answered in relation to his father and great copywriting.

This is all the tips and hints I’m prepared to share today but you can see me in Melbourne, Australia with the two Halbert son’s learning about how to become a great copywriter in this first of its kind event.

The secrets and strategies learned in this event are accountable for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and the foundation of numerous multi-millionaires – including myself.

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