How To Make Sales With Other People’s Stuff

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Are you in a situation where the line of services or products you offer is limited?

Perhaps you run a property investment company.

You help people invest in property and you receive a share of the profits for every sale.

You don’t dictate the price of the property, and there’s not a whole heap of upsells you can offer them.

Or perhaps you’re a financial planner. You already try to get your clients onto every service you have to offer.

What are you to do then?

Well the answer is simple:

Develop a back-end of other people’s products.

What the hell does this even mean?

Let me explain…

Let’s just imagine that you do indeed sell investment properties and you’re trying to make more money from each customer.

Even if it’s only $500, that’s $500 you can invest back into your advertising to smash your competition.

The only problem is, you have nothing else to sell them.

Here’s what you need to do:

Figure out what other products and services they will be needing after buying an investment property from you, and sell them those services on behalf of someone else for a nice % of the deal.

What to offer?

This could be anything.

It could be financial services, property management, or even landscaping services.

You’ll make more money when you get a share of the profits and they’ll take care of all the fulfillment.

It could literally be anything.

Anything these people might be purchasing after doing business with you.

Go to people who sell those products/services, and offer to sell them to your clients for a % of the sale price.

If for every 10 houses you sold, you also sold $30,000 worth of other services and made a nice $5,000 along the way, that’s a pretty good deal wouldn’t you say?

You don’t have to fulfill the service, just sell it.

That extra $5,000 can be spent on more advertising to bring in more clients.

If you’d like help with implementing this strategy and identifying products and services that would serve your clients the best (and therefore, create offers that are designed to convert), give us a call at 1300 680 223. We can help.