Why Your Facebook Posts Must Be Worthy Of Saving

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Do you remember the old days when we used to clip out newspaper articles and save them to read later?

These days, in the world where we get our information by consuming content online,  the “save for later” mentality seems to be a thing of the past… or is it?

Facebook – the number one most popular social network in the world with 1 Billion users – just announced that they’re rolling out a “save for later” feature.

That is, you don’t have to copy and email links to yourself anymore or use Evernote’s complicated system to make sure you can access articles of interest that you can’t read / view at the moment they show up in your news feed.

Better yet, the feature is anonymous, allowing users to keep the content they want to consume later private – as opposed to clicking the “like” button, which forces you to make a public announcement about what you enjoy or even approve of.

But wait… it gets even better!

Facebook will “remind” you of the content you saved for later but haven’t looked at yet.

It’ll pop up in your news feed periodically, encouraging you to actually consume the content and not just squirrel it away.

Naturally, as business owners we ask ourselves – how can we make use of this new feature and how can we serve our clients better?

Well, the answer is quite simple.

As long as you produce valuable content that your market is truly interested in (as opposed to blatant sales pitches and constant offers), you’ll be given free promotion by Facebook.


Imagine you create insightful videos, useful articles and entertaining content that you share with your audience on Facebook.

If they are interested in it and don’t have time to look at it right when it comes up in their news feed, they’ll now be able to “save” it for later.

And Facebook will remind them to make sure they in fact do check it out!

What is that if not free promotion for you?

And it’s delivered to your end users in a completely friendly, non-threatening, non-sales-y, helpful manner, free of hype and it never feels like it’s advertising.

It’s content they want.

Get it?

There is also another big benefit of this new feature, when we’re looking at the overall user experience on Facebook.

In the long term, businesses that create low quality content (aka content that’s not worth saving) will fall by the way side.

Your clients will be attracted to the brand that provides the most helpful, entertaining and insightful materials.


Think about it – this content is served on the platform they regularly visit for recreation.

They’re not going to Facebook thinking they’ll be clipping coupons from a savings catalogue…

You need to make sure your marketing collateral matches the energy it needs to have to create rapport with your clients and prospects on Facebook.

Naturally, much of the helpful content you provide should also include ways to connect with you, visit your web site, etc.

But you must do it in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s advertising.

If you’d like some help with creating a strategy around this and implement it so that you can take your business to the next level, give us a call at 1300 680 223.