Stacking The Deck In Your Favour With Facebook Ads

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Most business owners are hesitant to set aside large amounts for their advertising budget because they’re worried about cash flow.

Perhaps it’s true for you as well.

The real question you need to ask yourself though is how well does your offer convert?

Do you track those metrics? Are they consistent?

In other words, if you knew of an investment, that for every $1 you put in, you’d get a $2 return 14 days later, and you knew it was consistent and reliable, how much would you invest in that?

If you are anything like me, I would invest everything I had.

I’d sell everything I own, even borrow money to invest in something as amazing as that.

I would invest all of time and energy into an opportunity like that.

And today, you actually have that opportunity.

Facebook is like that.

The curious thing is, I see business owners treat it as something they will get around to after all the other things they do in their life – and when they do, won’t spend more than a couple of hundred dollars!

I think this is crazy.

At BusinessNET, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month on Facebook and reap amazing results not only for ourselves, but for our clients.

We spend hours every day working on our Facebook marketing – because we know just how amazing the opportunity is and that for every $1 we put into it, returns us $2 – even $17 for every $1 we put in.

It’s only comparable to what Google Adwords used to be five years ago.

If you fail to recognise the enormous potential of Facebook advertising, you will simply miss out, and the ship will sail.

The time to act on this great investment is now, not in five years time when its too late.

If you would like help with building a strategy designed to return multiples of your investment in your advertising campaigns, give us a call at 1300 680 223. We can help.