What Would A Stock Broker Say About Your Small Business?

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If you are the founder of your business, it can be hard to evaluate it objectively.

And even if you bought the business – while you may have initially evaluated it as an investment, now that you’re running the show, you might be too close to it to really see what’s going on in terms of numbers and results.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way around this problem.

If you just do what I’m sharing with you here below, you’ll be able to assess your business more objectively.

Simply look at your business as if you were a stock broker, considering a company to make a recommendation about.

“Stock Broker You” has three options in the recommendation: Buy, Hold or Sell.

Give yourself an honest reflection…


If you say “Buy”, you state that your business is currently undervalued but it is just about to turn a corner and grow in profit.

You are setting up JVs, you are getting your lead generation working…

You are re-purposing assets to generate more profit and you are squeezing more out of what you do.


If you say “Hold”, your business is steady, bringing in profits, with an asset base and strong customer list, as well as foreseeable demand for your product or service.

You have multiple ways to bring in new customers, not relying on just one.

You aren’t flaky.


If you say “Sell”, your business is taking a dive or it is about to… You recommend to get rid of it ASAP.

Are you holding onto a Dud Business just because it’s the only thing you know?

Would you be better off getting out and applying your skills, efforts and resources somewhere else?

Be candid, be critical, analyse your situation and make the right decisions.

Don’t be caught up in destructive procrastination. Do something while you still can.

Procrastination is a decision NOT to decide, so why not make a positive decision.

If you’d like help with getting an objective evaluation and a good look at your business from this perspective, give us a call. We can help. 1300 680 223