The Power of Framing

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In marketing, the term “framing” is often interpreted as “positioning” or “branding”.

However, we need to look at it through the lens of day-to-day applications and how we can take advantage of it.

Legendary copywriter an direct response marketer Dan Kennedy defines framing as:

“a marketing term from the real estate profession. It basically means “taking a small, carefully selected target market, and nurturing it with frequent, repetitive contacts and exposure, so as to become the dominant presence in your category of business, in as short a time as possible.”

How do you make sense of it and use it in your day-to-day business?

You can use it through the value you provide (for free) to a highly targeted niche audience.

We can do this on Facebook through Content Marketing. We can select a specific target using Facebook Ads.

For example, let’s say I am opening a Yoga studio for pregnant women in Sydney.

Through Facebook, I develop 10 key pieces of content designed to add value, educate and help my target audience.

Rather than show it to tons of people who don’t see it as relevant (e.g. non pregnant 45 year old men in Perth) we can run Facebook Ads.

We’ll be targeting only our specific target market.

The ads will be shown only those women that fit our ideal customer target profile.

Over the course of 6-8 weeks they’ll be exposed to this content where they can learn useful tips, understand their options and get their questions answered before they ever had a chance to ask them.

After that, we show them an offer to become a client.

This is the power of Social Media and Content Marketing. Not wasting time and money generating “brand awareness” but rather, appear to your target market as the go-to resource they come to know, like and trust over a few weeks.

When it comes time to make a buying decision, your products / services will be so well positioned, your prospects are unlikely to go with anyone else but you.

If you’d like some help with creating a strategy around this and implement it so that you can take your business to the next level, give us a call at 1300 680 223.