Three Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Convert

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If you’re doing any type of advertising online, you probably tried your hand at Facebook ads.

And sometimes, what you think will work well doesn’t really perform…

In those cases, it’s important to pull the ads that are not getting any clicks and try something else instead.

I speak from experience here because we’ve literally spent millions of dollars on Facebook ads and had the opportunity to work out what resonates best with the markets my clients get customers from.

Of course, I wasn’t always in the position where I could say that we’ve generated $500 Million Dollars in sales directly from Facebook ads.

It took a lot of testing, trial and error and we’re still experimenting every day to find out what’s working in the changing environment of pay-per-click advertising.

If you’re looking to manage your own Facebook ads, you’d better be prepared to do the same.

But while you’re gearing up for proper monitoring and tracking, I’ll share with you the three biggest mistakes most business owners make.


Because if you’re one of them, chances are you’re not getting the results from your Facebook ads that are possible for you.

You see, it’s very important that you have the right image for your ads.

You’ll need to test this of course to see what resonates with your market the most.

Consider these mistakes – and what to do instead:

  1. Use a small thumbnail instead of a big bold image.
    1. For example, if you’re linking from your ad to a specific page on your web site, Facebook often gives you a “preview” of that page with a small thumbnail image.
    2. Instead of letting this be the face of your ad, make sure you replace it with a larger size, striking image that would really catch your ideal clients’ attention as they’re browsing through their newsfeed.
  2. Creating a red border around your image to grab attention.
    1. Although this will make your post stand out, it also screams “advertisement”.
    2. Remember that most people are on Facebook to socialise, connect with their friends and family, share vacation photos and generally have fun. They’re not coming to see ads pushed to them in their newsfeed.
    3. Make sure that the posts you promote (albeit that may be advertisement as well) comes across as “content”.
    4. It should be personable, friendly and generally be as non-threatening as the rest of the content your clients already consume on Facebook.
  3. Using boring images.
    1. If it’s a preview from your web site, or a custom image you created from stock photos but it is obviously sourced from Fotolia or similar, your clients will immediately feel that it is not genuine content and they’ll tune it out.
    2. Your images should be powerful, striking and stand out in the news feed – in a good way. Just think about what would resonate with your audience, pull a few great images and test them thoroughly.

My hope is that you’ll re-evaluate your Facebook advertising strategy after reading this article. And if you’d like help with managing your ads, give us a call. We can help. Call 1300 680 223 today.