How Is Your Throughput?

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Most of my clients, when they first reach out to me are looking for one thing: to grow their business.

But what does “grow” really mean?

More employees? More locations across the country or across the globe? More sales? Bigger profits?

Let me give you a simple definition that will help you look at “growing your business” in a whole new light.

Business growth can simply be described as increasing the velocity of sales.

Do you see the difference between just “increasing sales” and “increasing the velocity of sales”?

Can you understand that the latter has exponentially bigger impact – and that it also requires more thorough preparation on your part ahead of time?

Let me illustrate this by asking a few more questions.

How would your company fare if you suddenly doubled your client base overnight?

Say, if you’re servicing 1,000 clients a year right now, could you handle 2,000 starting tomorrow?

Really, what would happen?

Would your business have fallen aheap or would you excel?

If the former than you really need to fix that, otherwise you’ll never be able to grow.

It may sound like it’s an issue that you can “worry about when you get there” because doubling your client base overnight is a “good problem to have” – except until it happens in reality.

What would happen to your customers’ experience, your referrals, your staff’s energy and motivation levels, your cash flow and tax situation, the logistics in your business – if you had too many clients to handle?

My hope is that reflecting on this scenario, you realise that being prepared to handle more is something that needs to be taken care of ahead of time.

Otherwise, you’ll either sabotage your own success as you implement better marketing strategies, or you’ll disappoint your new customers.

Neither of these is a great option for someone looking to establish preeminence and a position of being a true leader in their market.

If you’d like help with creating and implementing the optimum strategy that is designed to help you truly grow at a pace you can handle, give us a call at 1300 680 223. We can help.