Why Working Hard Will Ruin Your Business

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“How did you achieve so much success in business? It must come easy to you…”

Every now and then I get asked this question.

They are always surprised to hear that I actually struggled for many years in business.

The Unlikely Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship was not something that came naturally to me. I went into business because I was really good at computers and computer programming. When I started out in business at age 20 I had no knowledge of business, I didn’t know anything about it. I had nobody show me the way – or show me anything. But what I did have was a strong work ethic, and the desire to “figure it out”. How do some people earn millions without working long hours?

When I was working long hours to try and build a business (most days 20 hours per day and 7 days a week) – I looked at those people making millions – I knew they didn’t work a million times more hours than me. I wondered what their secret was.

I even met a few people who just worked out of their home or garage and were raking in a million dollars. They weren’t working as hard as me and they had huge success. It was a real eye opener to observe these people in action.

What is the Secret to Success?
I started to suspect there might be a success formula, a set of steps to follow to achieve success that would work every time you followed it. Sort of like a key that unlocked everything. I was determined to find out what that formula was. I kept looking for the elusive formula, I never gave up looking and searching. I read hundreds of business books, watched videos, bought courses. Sure I learnt how to run a business – but I didn’t learn how to achieve massive success from the books and courses. I learnt a lot more observing the successful people I knew.

After a few years of hard work I was earning a 6-figure income in my early 20s – but I was trading every waking hour for it – I could never have a day off without it slipping backwards, I had to work long hours every day. I never had a holiday, let alone a day off.

That was not success – I realised money alone does not make you successful. I was like a prisoner to my own business – I built my own prison cell by building a business that forced me to work long hours. I was so tired and frustrated I remember literally smashing a few keyboards over my office desk in frustration when things went wrong. (I ran an IT company so I had plenty of spares!) I finally had a breakthrough. After a long time, 6 years in business in fact – 6 years of working 20 hour days I finally started to piece it all together.

Turns out I was right, there IS a success formula and when followed every time you will achieve success. It was amazing to finally figure it out.

The Success Formula
I also found out there wasn’t just one big formula – I learnt there was one for each part of business. I learnt there was a way to attract clients to your business whenever you wanted them – a formula to do this – to get clients “on demand”. I learnt there was a way to always say the right thing in the right order when you were on a sales call or sales meeting to get the deal. I learnt there was a definitive and specific way to layout your quote to make sure it is always accepted.

There were certain steps to take in each area of business, no matter what business you are in to achieve success – the same steps apply to any industry. I know this now because I implemented it in many different types of industries. I wish I had someone to tell me all of this when I started out – but I had nobody to tell me. My family did not know anything about business and so I could never ask them anything. I was just glad I had eventually figured it out. I knew then I no longer had to worry about money or getting clients – that feels amazing, especially when I used to have trouble sleeping worrying all the time.

Financial Independence Feels Good
It was just an amazing feeling. I became financially independent by age 28 and working 20 hours a day all of those years didn’t even contribute 10% to my success. Learning the secret formulas and methods was what made me successful. I found using these methods gave me the biggest income boost – but also made my life easier – I was actually working less than I used to. I thought that was the strangest thing and I still do. I was just like those successful people who I observed (and envied) all those years.

I always knew that working hard long hours was never going to get me there – but I didn’t know any alternative so I had to plough on.

If you are there now – working hard and not achieving your income goals, I want you to know there is hope – there is success waiting for you – and it’s information and insight that will get you there – not years of hard work.

Working less hours and making more money than you do now, is possible once you know the formulas and methods.

If you commit to learning these formulas you too can join the few business owners who have “figured it all out”. The business owners who can start business after business and always be successful – because they know the formula.

That is why in 2005 I set out to show people these formulas so they can achieve success in their businesses.

  • Using these methods I’ve turned a client’s $50,000 business into a $250,000 per year business.
  • I’ve turned a business that made a loss of $500,000 to turning over $10 million in just 12 months.
  • I’ve even turned a $35 million business into a $115 million business using the same methods.

None of these clients had to work longer hours – some clients worked the same hours they worked previously – and some worked less.

You can use the exact same formulas in your business to achieve certainty and freedom in your business and your life.

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