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To learn the History of BusinessNET, you need to start with our founder, Benjamin Simkin.

Benjamin Simkin’s achievements in the business and marketing world have been nothing short of phenomenal. He is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s top marketers, a business growth and optimisation expert, a Facebook advertising legend, and a pre-eminent business leader who can increase sales by hundreds of millions of dollars with innovative, little-known strategies. 



Who is Ben Simkin?

The Huffington Post called him “the world’s number one Facebook marketer.” And though Ben’s world-class expertise in Facebook marketing is undeniable, his expertise, knowledge and strategies extend far beyond one media channel.

He is a business leader, business and marketing strategist, mentor and teacher who has not only helped companies add hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, but also helped turn around struggling businesses facing disaster and helped budding entrepreneurs build profitable, wildly successful ventures from scratch and become recognised industry leaders themselves.

Over the past 18 years he has generated over $2.31 billion in sales for himself and his clients across multiple industries – with companies ranging from small startups, to industry juggernauts already turning over 9-figures or more.

It is this unique combination of both breadth AND depth of experience that makes him such an effective leader and guide to those seeking to emulate his success in business and marketing.

With over $2.13 Billion in sales generated from his strategies, Ben has developed, refined and mastered ALL aspects of business, marketing and sales – identifying overlooked opportunities, selecting the most lucrative opportunities, re-engineering business models for success, increasing the lifetime value of a client, enhancing value propositions, making irresistible offers, masterful positioning in the marketplace, developing high-return, high-volume lead generation systems, refining the sales process, nurturing and reactivating past clients and more.

With experience growing multiple companies across multiple industries – all from different starting points – Ben’s knowledge is vast and unparalleled. He is likely to know not only the solution to a problem, but also be able to identify problems before you even experience or identify them yourself.



BusinessNET was founded by Benjamin Simkin in 2005, a performance, results focused Marketing Agency, primarily utilising paid advertising with Direct Response Copywriting to drive business growth for clients. Here’s the back story…

Ben learned 5 programming languages since he got his first computer at age 13, had started fixing computers for people when he was around 16 years old, and made some money (not much), it was a side-gig while he was also working for some large financial institutions as a Linux Systems Administrator, and Programmer. However, when Ben was 21 he garnered enough courage to try to start his own business, a proper business, and that was when he launched an IT company, started growing it, obtaining business clients and hiring staff, offices and so on.

He was working 16-18 hours a day, even when he had staff, and was quickly tiring of computers after a while.

In 2005, one of his clients/mentors referred Ben to Canterbury Services because they wanted online marketing. Ben didn’t know much about the marketing side, just the technical side of things, such as building websites, although Ben didn’t do a lot of that either.

Ben, didn’t want to miss the opportunity and jumped at the chance to try something new, and agreed he’d do the clients online marketing. So Ben quickly went to figure out how to actually do this.

Ben figured out some things and realised he needed to have some sort of advertisement, where lots of people could see it and click it (traffic). So he chose email marketing strategy, renting email lists from brokers for permission marketing, and choosing demographics of those email users. It worked really well, thankfully.

He sold his IT business to an employee and started working on the marketing full-time, and that is how BusinessNET was born.

When 2009 came around and Facebook announced businesses could run ads on their platform, Ben recognised this was like what he was doing before – demographic targeting, but this “database” would never run out of people to serve clients’ offers to! A goldmine!

So Ben started right away on Facebook Ads.

Here are a range of people who have worked with and experienced BusinessNET’s ‘magic’ in their own business. Hear what they have to say about Ben.

$30 Million To $115 Million Per Year…and then to $180 Million Per Year

Ben grew Canterbury Services revenue by 210% in just 12 months. When he first sat down with Canterbury Property Services they were sitting on a ‘comfortable’ $30 million per year. Ben devised and implemented the marketing strategies that grew their business to $115 million per year.

From Negative To $10 Million In Sales

When Ben met with the Financial Advisers Australia they were reluctant to trust another marketing expert, and rightfully so. They had lost $500,000 with the wrong marketing company. Ben quickly turned their business around and in less than 12 months they had generated $10 million in sales and many tens of millions of dollars over a number of years.

$300 Million Increase In Sales Over 7 Years

Ben helped Zero To Infinity increase their sales by $300 million over 7 years. ZTI are still a client to this day.

What does BusinessNET do?


We empower business owners to perform better in their industry to achieve business success through our proven marketing & lead generation systems by giving businesses more customers to increase sales and holistic business advice for business success.


We aim to 10x the revenue of 10,000 businesses

Core Values

Accountable, Aligned, Results Oriented, Success, Disciplined, Knowledge, Inspirational, and Collaboration

Work with The Best Team

Our team members all hold excellence as their standard, as part of this team you’ll be inspired to grow and develop and be proud to work with such an amazing team.

Great Perks

Personal, Professional and Financial Goals are within reach at BusinessNET. We work with you to achieve our shared goals together.  It doesn’t just stop at financial incentives, you’ll be able to take part in special events, receive rewards and recognition for attaining results

World Class Training and Mentoring

Our Organisation invests in its team continually. Once you start with us, you’ll go through our Training Academy to bring you up to speed, and then further develop your skills with our training library and mentoring programs.


We provide flexible working hours, work from home opportunities, and even travel the world while you work with us, because we know that you are results oriented, will achieve a positive outcome in your work, so it doesn’t matter where and when you do it! 

Management Positions

Where you start with us is not where you end up. We have the opportunity to go up into Management Positions in the various 7 Divisions in the company, and new initiatives. 

Your Voice is Heard

Your creativity, ideas are welcome here and we work together to make them a reality.  There’s no greater feeling than seeing the see of an idea turn into reality…it will here! 


Our Business is Highly Systemised, not to get in the way of your work, or make things rigid, you’ll find our organisation runs smoother than any business you’ve ever seen in your life.

Meta Business Partners

Our achievements in results have meant we are a part of some higher level Facebook Programs. Enjoy working with a Meta Business Partner Agency.

High Profile Clients

Our clients are some of the most high profile and successful people and companies in the world and in their industries. Working with quality clients makes all the difference to your satisfaction.

Make a Difference

We are all about making our clients a success, results are #1 for us, followed by retention, but the 2 go hand in hand. Be a part of making a difference, and changing people’s lives by providing better marketing that works! 

Positions Available

Available Positions

The following positions are available for the right people to join our team and advance the organisation forward! 

– Copywriter

– Media Buyer (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok)

– Creative Director (Graphics, Videos) 

– Business Development Manager

Work & Learn With Someone Who Has Scaled Over 427+
7 and 8 Figure Businesses

Since The Day Facebook Ads were launched Benjamin Simkin and his team at BusinessNET have been running campaigns for clients all over the world and have generated over $2.13 billion in revenue directly from Facebook and Instagram Advertising, as well as teaching hundreds of business owners and marketing agency owners how to run ad campaigns.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Business operates during Australian Eastern Standard Time Business Hours, so you’ll need to be available for some of this time for meetings and team work, although you can also do a lot of your work outside of these hours also

We do not have any intern programs active at the moment, so you would need to have experience in the position you are applying for.

Yes you can! If you are holding a part-time position here, you absolutely can do freelance work on the side with your own clients. 

You’ll receive structured training related to your position through our Training Academy, as well as ongoing training programs, mentoring, and access to The Mastermind program.

We look at your core values to see if they align with our business, your general attitude, conscientiousness and if you are aligned with our purpose and mission.  We also want to make sure you are great at what you do and hold excellence as something to attain. 

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